April 18, 2008


OpenWIG development finally slowed down as I approached the more difficult problems - zone and distance detection.
However, they now seem to be finished and working nicely on my SE K610i.

I even implemented "slow hysteresis" to compensate for GPS fuzz: when you are about to walk into a zone (where "zone" is not Wherigo.Zone, but a well defined area, e.g. the proximity space around a Zone, the inside of a Zone, or maybe the space so far away that it's even outside the DistanceRange), OpenWIG waits for five consecutive position samples that confirm your position in the new zone, and only then acknowledges the new position.
It's too late for me to be able to explain it in simple terms, but it actually is simple. And it works surprisingly well, at walking speed at least. But it is five seconds slow. I'll see what I can do about that.

Version 0.2.4 includes precise zone detection, distance detection, OnProximity and OnDistant events (last two from the "basic set" that is used in every other cartridge)

...and... (drums, please) navigation!
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, OpenWIG will now tell you exactly how far away are you and what direction you should take. The instructions are still rather crude, and they are displayed even when you are inside the zone (you can just disregard them, they don't mean anything inside a zone. i use them for debugging), but it does work.

Get it while it's hot!

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