July 12, 2008

f**king firefox 3

In case you wondered why, all of sudden, you can't use Home key to go to top of page, wonder no longer. There is a setting under preferences -> advanced -> general -> accessibility, called something along the lines of "use caret to move around the page" (Not sure about exact english variant, i have only czech translation. It's the first checkbox, anyway.)

For some f**ked up reason, this seems to be checked by defaut. At least on Linux, at least on imported pre-3 profiles.
Go ahead and uncheck the f**king thing for good! Bam there goes the caret, and your old & faithfull Home key brings you to the top of the page.
I can't believe how glad i am for having found this.

1 comment:

misch said...

Pawn to F7!
(or "press F7 to toggle this behavior") :)