November 24, 2008

what's cooking

Version 0.3.07, that's what. It will have all bugs from the previous post fixed, and its navigation arrow will be prettier and move smoother and just be plain old sexy.
Oh, and internal GPS's will be supported!
It will be ready sometime this week.

For the version after that, I intend to try and dig a bit into saving and loading. It won't be perfect, but maybe, just maybe, it will work well enough for most cartridges.

sidenote: there is a midlet called "OpenWIG-blackmagic" sitting silently in my phone. it has all kinds of very evil features that should never have been born. muhahahaa!

sidenote2: The name "OpenWIG" sucks. I need to come up with a different one.

1 comment:

misch said...

I am really curious how you solved that "save/load" problem. Even if it might be just a partial and not fully working solution.

Is it enough to remember content of all of the Lua tables? Probably not. Or is there some black magic J2ME method called SavelInternalStateOfTheWholeVM()? :)

I suppose that "svn update" a few days later will reveal this mystery, but until then ... it is worse than some ciphers at TMOU :)