August 2, 2009

openwig news

Version 0.3.92 is underway.
Biggest spectacle of this is cartridge saving and loading. A few moments ago i have successfully stored and restored a game of Wherigo Player Tutorial.
Technical details about the solution will follow in a separate article.
And that's pretty much it. There's the usual bunch of random bugfixes, minor improvements and extended Wherigo functionality (did i tell you that you can now see a zone map?), but probably nothing to write home about.

Oh, and i switched back from NetBeans' default proguard 4.2 (obfuscator/optimizer) to older 3.9. The new one is too aggressive in optimizing and still has some bugs. I identified and reported one, but it's not yet fixed, so i can't really continue the search. And i don't need the stress of hunting bugs that aren't there.

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Anonymous said...

Nice program :-)
I just stepped by to give some feedback, several users have completed one of my wherigos using openwig! The experience are listed here: wherigo page

Keep up the great work!